Céline Ahond

celine Ahond

Nouvelle saison, présentation des projets #lesréalisateurs2015, photo : Daphné Boussion

Céline Ahond

#lesréalisateurs2015 in Nantes

Born in 1979 in Clermont-Ferrand. Lives and works in Montreuil.

Céline Ahond has been a performer since 2003. Initially her expressions are taken from her montage of images and organized as projected slideshows. Then in 2007, she removes herself from projection locations, stands up on an orange Speaker Corner and opens up a territory to pursue the invention of a language. There is no written text here but a precise and repeated pattern in which free expression responds to the needs of the discourse. Speech linked to images therefore makes up the only “writing” of her performances. In 2010, she abandons printed images to build a path where the landscape of each step becomes the image to pass through with the public. In 2011, she introduces the video medium into the development of performance, questioning the staging of the image. Her work has been presented at the Fondation Ricard, in Piano Nobile, Espace Khiasma, The Box, MacVal, the Institut Français Amsterdam … Now at a turning point in her career, Céline Ahond is creating a corporate film with the réalisateurs program.

Céline Ahond
Un film d’entreprise
Realized with the support of That’s painting production with Les réalisateurs


Un rap d’entreprise, an invitation by  Céline Ahond to Jeanne Moynot.
Performance 15 min on May 4th, 2016, for the opening of les réalisateurs 2015 > les réalisateurs 2016 exhibition in Paradise – vidéo recording : Blanche Denarnaud – les 4 dernières : Céline Ahond 
For the film d’entreprise realized with Les Réalisateurs, led by Fabrice Hyber and with the support of École supérieure des Beaux Arts de Nantes Métropole and Audencia Business School.