Hélène Garcia

General view of Sunday football on Hackney Marshes. pic: Adam Scott 4/5/99

Hélène Garcia


Making use of installations, photographs, performances, and publications, Hélène  Garcia has been developing a proteiform body of work where language plays a central role. In her works, objects and the words that are used create direct links with the context in which they appear.

Paralleling this relationship to language, expression becomes tied to stakes in the art-making process: a turn of phrase can turn into a collection of materials, an enumeration into a mural, initials into a series of images—images and words that Hélène Garcia brings together like so many potential situations, ready to lend themselves to exchange.

For les réalisateursPARIS she is developing a vast feminine, wired metal sculpture in partnership with bronze casters. This «witch in tightropes» is going to disappear and reappear in a forest, by the sea, to create a myth, an extrapolation around its totemic existence. In order to expend the project and ‘feed the myth’, she will share a tasty snack with the audience of the réalisateurs presentation in Paris.