Fabrice Hyber



Crédit Photo : Carole Bellaïche, 2018

Combining two colours, two shapes, two words, that’s creating. Hybridization, meeting, fluidity are at the center of Fabrice Hyber’s work. The artist is an inventor of poetic metaphors, a visionary and a botanist.

Fabrice Hyber is always working at the croassroads between disciplines (physics and neuroscience, astronomy and phytotherapy) to draw the bigger picture. Whether it is the  « Hybermarché » at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, or « Eau d’or, Eau dort, ODOR», a TV studio for which he received the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennial in 1997, or the   «Chaosgraphie » for « 4 Seasons… » by Vivaldi with Angelin Preljocaj, Fabrice Hyber never restricts himself to a set vocabulary.

After developing the concept of the “artist as entrepreneur” in the 1980s, Fabrice Hyber created in 1994 Unlimited Responsibility, UR, a private liability company  aimed at producing innovative projects between artists and entrepreneurs. « We must transform collectors, especially business leaders, into art producers », « cross and align territories, make, do ».

Driven by the same inquisitive spirit, he created in 2012 with the Institut Pasteur the Organoïde project, that pairs researchers and artists to offer the public a new vision of biomedical research.

And always with the desire to create new behaviours, he has been developing since 2014 the educational program  les réalisateurs, in collaboration with art and business schools to help young artistes find new production tools.